I’m not particularly sure what these seeds were doing on the dry grass of late January now that I think about it. Probably just waiting for me to stroll by. Of all the times during of… Continue reading

There Was Only Two

I remember walking into an art gallery when I was 13 and being captured by a photo because it made me feel comfort. It was a photo of two spoons in a cup.… Continue reading

Six More Legs Than Us

“IT’S SOO FLUFFFYYY” Semi-fitting quotation from Despicable Me. I really need to find out who lived in this house before my family moved in. I owe them a well deserved thank you for… Continue reading

I Call Them Dancers

The wind was quite strong, so when I took a quick shot of these little guys, they were fluttering like crazy. So as the title suggests, they were very much like little novice… Continue reading

A Sunday Morning

He seemed in his comfort zone with so many pigeons around him. I wonder if he goes to the same location every Sunday morning.


I was delighted to see this little critter crawling along. It’s almost calming seeing the world with this much detail because there is so little ruckus to disrupt my attention. Last Friday, I… Continue reading

Their Landscape-esque Textures

  Flowers are in many ways stunning. From when when they are still young buds to when their petals are frail, ready to break free. Besides what most may find interesting about flowers, I… Continue reading

Childhood Delight

I remember the days when I scanned a playground and the only thing that caught my eye would be the swing sets. Nothing has changed, though I do find a field of luscious green grass much more… Continue reading

The Wisps In Between

I had to scroll past this photo quite a few times before I noticed the thin spider webs drawn in between the two branches. I’m sure there is a way in Photoshop to… Continue reading

Settled with Unease

She was worried, but I could not know what for. Hopefully her problems were resolved. My presence as an stranger with a camera probably would have made her situation worse, so I quickly snapped a… Continue reading

The Dainty Ones

Here’s to another flower I cannot name. Guess what the white in the background is? It’s one of the reasons I really like this photo because it resembles snow,something Vancouver is lacking in the past… Continue reading

Escape of the Melancholy

Another photo of a majestic building in Vancouver Downtown. I find what gives this building character in this photo is not the architecture of the building itself, but the grey shadows cast by the… Continue reading

It Almost Fits In

Typically the shores of Vancouver are very clean and free of any artificial debris (besides creatively balanced inukshuks that appear in the warmer months). I was genuinely surprised to find a pop can snugly fitted  between these… Continue reading

Join The Wonder

I was pleasantly surprised when the lighting in this location turned out this great. By location, I mean the roughly 1 meter by 1 meter space lit by a small rusting door lamp poorly attached… Continue reading


Many would argue that a clear Vancouver night sky is most beautiful around this time of year because the cherry blossoms are blooming. I think they would be quite correct. I was strolling around a… Continue reading

After Brunch

  This photo isn’t of anything super special but I like it for its composition and colour. I do not remember where this was taken because I was again just roaming around Vancouver… Continue reading

Let’s Allow Spring to Sprout

Next to the seawall I was walking along laid an enormous log that I assumed to be relatively ancient because much of its bark has eroded away. I wondered how this log came to be… Continue reading

Knot So Perfect

These are a couple more photos of my little trip to Steveston the other day. I could not tell which one I liked better, so I attached both.  What do you think? Getting… Continue reading

Small Town Gas Pump

Another photo taken in Stevston. I am not sure how much I like this photo particularly because I could have taken the same shot of another pump that did not have a wheel in the background.… Continue reading

Rural Enclosure

The weather here in Vancouver has been quite delightful these past few days, I really do hope the sun lasts for longer than, say, three days. I took a shot solo shoot in… Continue reading

When All Else Fails

How does this photo make you feel? If I recall correctly, my original intention was rather positive compared to what this end result portrays. Perhaps it’s better this way. This was shot several months… Continue reading


“What is juxtaposition?” my art teacher had asked me in one of my first classes with him. Large artsy jargon were not yet of my vocabulary, or at least more so than currently. He… Continue reading


Downtown Vancouver blooms with glass sky scrapers, though admittingly it in no comparison to say, NYC. It was so cloudy the other day that this photo looks back-and-white.

Time Rusts Best

I was walking along the seawall of North Vancouver with a friend when I was attempting to take a couple shots of the seagulls resting on the calm waters. When I found the… Continue reading


I hope he wasn’t too cold.